Short speech on republic day for primary students

Good Morning…..Respected Principal , Guest , Teachers and all my dear Friends …Happy Republic Day!!!. Republic Day is came into force after Independence of India from Britishers.  The Republic day is celebrated every year on 26Jan. This day is celebrated because on this day the Constitution of India came into force. The Constitution refers on this day rules , regulations , rights and reservation is Introduced. The Need for constitutions posses two reasons which are as follows:

  1. To recover the country from slaves of British and regards their consistency.
  2. To constitute proper a systematized flow of work and countries environment.

On this celebration takes place. The programs were of culture and nation in varieties and forms like dance , play , music, etc. These programs are to be performed in remember of herpes struggles and sacrifices , previous conditions etc. These programs also helps to motivate and discuss among us to perform something.

Republic Day change environment to self assessment to nation assessment , but it is to be at that period or time only. This feeling remains all over life. On this day … flag hostess , National anthem sand and then performance starts.

The Republic Day has complete India to free. It has regards our own existence and Identity all Over World. It defines our job or duty to perform or performed. The Republic day motivates us to do something for Nation.

This day is considered National holiday across India. The great celebration is taken at Delhi on red fort where the Prime Minister hostess Our National Flag and their speech , parade performs and various cultural programs.

Let’s come together and pray for the wealth , healthiness, prosperity among India and their people. And promising to do something for them we they proud on us and written in histories.

By completing my speech , I want to say Vande Mataram , Vande Mataram!!!!

Once again Happy Republic Day!!!!

Thank You!!!

Vande Mataram , Vande Mataram!!!!!…..Very Good Morning , Respected Principal sir , Guest , Teachers and all my dear Friends. Here I am standing before to present my speech on republic day. The Republic Day is considered as National festival. This is considered National Festival because on this day our ‘Constitution of India’ was formed in 1950 of 26Jan.This has formed after the Independency. 

Now , the question arises …What is constitution , why it is need to??? The Constitution is referred as introduction of formal document regard to public. The Need to define our existence , rules , regulations and stability among the World and also regard to security of Our India against India.

On the formation of constitution it involves contribution of various personalities like Mahatma Gandhi , B.R. ambedkar , Jawaharlal Nehru , Subhas Chandra bose etc.However this day has been celebrated on 26Jan every year.

This day is celebrated as festival in which various cultural programs performed like dance , play , music , etc. One of the special assessment poses is Flag Hosting and patriotism speech. On this day , Environment changes. The feeling of nationality and patriotism. 

On this day , we don’t celebrate our constitution but also remember our past conditions , sacrifice and struggles. On this day , we celebrate it with our courage and responsibilities. However this celebration takes place all over India whether in education institutions , Government organizations etc.

However , this day is considered as a National holiday. The reason behind that people can easily celebrate it with nation. On this day , Environment changes. The air is blowing of patriotism and nationality. This encourage and motivate to perform for Nation.

On this day , Let’s come together a salute Our Nation and national heroes and heroines and take pledge to do something for them and making their dreams to be true.

With this  I want to say Thank You!!!!

Happy Republic Day!!!!

Good Morning To all!!! Firstly I want to congratulate all of you as we have completed 70th years of the Republic. Happy Republic Day.

The Republic Day is celebrated on 26Jan every year. It is celebrated on that particular date because on this day our Constitution of India was formed in the 1950’s. The republic day is regarded is National festival. This day has been celebrated with joy , patriotism and enthusiasm.

The preparation begins from days all over India like in education institutions , government department etc. This day is celebrated by constituting various cultural programs like nation play , traditional or cultural programs etc. , mainly Flag Hosting and parade. 

This day is not celebrating of constituting anniversary but also to regard various activities rewards and achievements, Constituting various sacrifices and struggles etc. The Republic Day is came into force after Burning in sacrifice and struggles of various nationalists.

On this day the environment changes , it feelings like patriotic and nationality among whole and courage to do so. The Nature goes like that feel of Nationalism which is ever had in Normal days this. This encourage and motivate to do something for Nation.

This Day has considered complete our Nation because in this the security , rules and regulations , rights has been mentioned for the country and their people. This day is considered as a national holiday over India only. The reason behind the holiday to their reforms (Nation Public) can enjoy this festival freely and with enthusiasm.

On this day , I want to say let’s come together and stand under our Flag and salute to all heroes and heroines , honorable Individuals who have their hands in republic. Wishes for  the country healthy , wealthy and prosperity remains , even if they have to sacrifice themselves. 

With this I Want to say Jai Hind , Jai Hind …Bharat Mata ki jai!!!!!

Happy Republic Day!!!

Thank You!!!