Short Speech In English On Republic Day

Good Morning!!! Happy Republic Day…..I want to congratulate all that we have complete 70th years of republic. The journey behind this is very burning , it confess struggles and sacrifices and then eligible to do so. 

The Republic is formed after Independence. The Republic Day is celebrated on 26Jan1950. However we get independence on 15Aug1947. It takes various time to manage and constitute it. It Involves various personalities like Mahatma Gandhi , Jawarhlal Nehru , B.R Ambedkar , Subhash chandra Bose , Sardar Vallah Bhai patel etc.

From the 1950’s , Every year Republic Day is celebrated with courage , joy , enthusiasm and patriotism. The Republic day is considered National festival. On this  day , celebration takes place all over India. This celebration involves various cultural programs , play , dance , parade etc.

The Republic day is celebrated not in Formation of constitution but in memory of various sacrifice’s and stragglers. The Republic Day is celebrated in education institutions , Government departments etc. The Republic day is reason where we can live in democracy field. The Republic Day is celebrated with lots of energy and Patriotism. The Environment is changed from self assessment to Nation assessing. On this day , various cultural programs and speech reassembles .

The republic Day has Complete Our India. It is so because it defines our images and particular existence. It defines our particular Identity.The Republic Day reassembles Our India intensities and capabilities. The Republic Day defines are duties and Jobs against nation and encourages to do.

The Republic day is considered as a National Holiday. This holiday is celebrated in different ways like seeing anchoring , visit nearest celebration. This holiday is to be taken as for nation and then way to want to be.The Republic Day celebration motivates us to do something for Nation and Nationalism.

On this Day , I wish for togetherness and well blessings remains with us and our Nation. Let’s come together and take pledge against our Nation for their well.

Jai Hind , Jai Hind!!!!

Happy Republic Day!!!

Thank You!!!