Republic Day Speech for Teachers

 Very Good Morning to all!!!! Here I want firstly congratulate all on 70th anniversary republic Here We all get together to celebrate one of our National festivals known as Republic Day. These days plays a most crucial role in forming our India to be. Actually Republic means confess complete In-dependency however we get it before republic. However as know that the Republic Day is celebrated on 26 Jan but it came into force in 1950 ‘s..The Republic day is celebrated because on this day our “Constitution” formed and we considered our stability of existence over the world. 

Our Constitution has been formed in the eyes of various nationalist rulers like Mahatma Gandhi , B.r ambedkar , Jawaharlal Nehru , Etc. There motive was to constitute in that manner it can’t introduce any of conflict related to child , women like  among people of the country. But now a days it had taken place.

The Republic Day is  not only about this , this includes various programs like feelings of patriotism , existence among World , salute or value our National heroes and future performance to be. It not about celebration but courage to do something for Nation and Nationalism. This day performs all about the National consequences. 

However this is to be considered National holiday. You people considered as holiday but in it reference it not only celebrate proceeds our nation and nationality towards that achievement , which makes proud you and on you. The republic day includes the formation of constitution but accordingly this is also development or formation of building block for Nation. However this day we get our Recognition among the world as a Country ‘India’. 

On this day we perform many cultural and nationalism programs which help you  Introduce about sacrifices , previous previous means and various. The programs will let you know about this and develop a courage about you to do something for you and your nations. When you reach at that position then you feel that feeling. These days develops the feeling of patriotism and nationality. 

The Flag hosting is proof of Our In-dependency. And Indicates evidence to live free by the sacrifice of various mother son ‘s.Not only this day the feeling of gratitude and patriotism should be remains year , also in our blood. We have to become that capable that would be prise among World , it should be noted in history.For Students , I want to say however the family comes first but before that Country should be refers it our motherland. 

I want to tell My students that , You should become capable you must prior for Your country. It all about your country that where have can freely read , write and Living your life.We Should constitute on priority Country first. Here we are conducting this speech for you to guide because you are now driver of India. You are the GeNeration which can make or access Our Nation towards sky heights.

On Republic Day , I want to say that let’s come together and pledge for Country wealth, Healthiness and various well beings. You should also motivated towards it. By celebrating and discussing the matters is not enough we have to come together and clean these plugs of distortion like discrimination , casts conflict and various. This not only about speech matters but a motivation to do something.The actually Republic poses , When you done something good for your nation and flag hosting in front of you. 

With completing my speech , I want to say that Vande Mataram , Vande Mataram!!!!!. Once Again Happy Republic Day. I wish that this speech may develop a hope to do something for your nation and Family.

Thank You!!!!!