Republic Day Speech For Student

Very Good Morning , Respected principal , teachers and guest , to all my dear friends.Before starting my speech , I want to say Vande Mataram , Vande Mataram!!!!. I want to congratulate all , 70th anniversary of Republic Day…

After achieving Independence , there is a need to form some rules and regulations where it constitutes special privilege to Our Country.However it has been at 26Nov1949 and but reconstruction and management delay it with 26Jan1950. From that we are celebrating every year of 26 Jan as a Republic day. It doesn’t regard not rules and regulations but rights.

On this day we celebrated and terminate various cultural programs. It has been celebrated it with joy and patriotism. It defines our sacrifice and struggle to let it be freely like Now. 

This day is celebrated as National festival.. This day  has retirees India Intimate over the World.With help of it , we are eligible to perform our daily activities. This help us a lot to refereed between others.

This day is not to remember  and celebrate our constitutions but to revive our hard work behind to achieve.There is need to be because their sacrifices and struggles has been written in histories , we can feel this and this feeling can be expressed by confessing not only thank you by progressing their sacrifice and struggle successful by making nation to achieve their desires and dreams.

The Flag hoisted is sign of Independence struggles and defines our achievement success.It shows the various individuals covered in blood bags and uniform , and various consequence with freedom.My wish that we all can possible it more efficient if we come together and performs work to do real.Remains the feeling of patriotism and nationalism which help to motivate us to do so.

Let’s come together ,  thank and salute our nationalist heroes and heroines and celebrate republic with joy , enthusiasm and happiness.

Thank You!!!!…Happy Republic day!!!!