Republic Day speech for Principal

Very Good Morning …to all!!!!Firstly Happy Republic Day…

Now we are entering in 70th year’s anniversary of the republic but now people are habitual with republic day mostly poses Students.

Now the question arises what is a republic???…accordingly introduction of complete Independence which rights and day regards with particular period. The combination of it reconstructed accordingly the introduction of formal reference to public at a particular period.Actually on this day our ‘Constitution’ of India was formed. This has been constructed on 26Jan1950.

Now the question arises what is constitution , why is it??? The Constitution refers to a body of fundamental rights and regulations.It is formed to categorize or perform work in a step and legalized manner.

However it was formed after Independence of 26Nov1950.But the reconstruction and manage make it post to 26Jan1950. From then onward it has celebrated with every year. This is celebrated like National festival.On this festival various cultural programs has performed like dance , play , music, etc. The most crucially flag hosting. This day has not been celebrated in regard to formation but also sacrifice and struggles of National heroes. We also consider performance to get programs in place ,so that you may get to know it. 

We have to salute and regard them in our lives , so that even we can do something for our nation. Even though I am going that you should do something that Nation has to proud on you. By developing sentiments , patriotism , respect and care it not enough but also activities has to perform. I am guiding you because are the future , you have to drive it. I am not saying that this feeling poses doesn’t but action more than it.

Now let’s come together and pledge to do something for the Nation. Saluting and thanking our heroes for their job for us ,  Commending others responsibility to solve. With this I want to convey Vande Mataram , Vande Mataram!!!!……

Thank you!!!!

Happy Republic Day!!!!