Short Speech In English On Republic Day

Good Morning!!! Happy Republic Day…..I want to congratulate all that we have complete 70th years of republic. The journey behind this is very burning , it confess struggles and sacrifices and then eligible to do so.  The Republic is formed after Independence. The Republic Day is celebrated on 26Jan1950. However we get independence on 15Aug1947. […]

Republic Day speech for Principal

Very Good Morning …to all!!!!Firstly Happy Republic Day… Now we are entering in 70th year’s anniversary of the republic but now people are habitual with republic day mostly poses Students. Now the question arises what is a republic???…accordingly introduction of complete Independence which rights and day regards with particular period. The combination of it reconstructed […]

Republic Day Speech for Teachers

 Very Good Morning to all!!!! Here I want firstly congratulate all on 70th anniversary republic Here We all get together to celebrate one of our National festivals known as Republic Day. These days plays a most crucial role in forming our India to be. Actually Republic means confess complete In-dependency however we get it before […]

26 January wishes In Hindi

Saare jaha se acha , hindusta Humara…gantantra diwas ki hardik subhkamanye!!! Vande Matram…Happy Republic Day!!! Gantantra Diwas ki hardik subh kamanye…. Chalo aao kuch naya kare , aaj phir veer jawanao ko yaad kare..Gantantra diwas ki subh kamnaye!! Dil humra ek , jaan humari ek …Gantantra diwas ki subh kamanye !!!! Yeh desh hamara hai […]

26 January Wishes In English

Happy Republic Day!!! it may bring the feeling of patriotism and Nationality among. This Republic day!!!May bring prosperity , wealthiness and health among our Country….Happy Republic Day!!! Lets come together , Pray for motherland …Happy Republic Day!!! Hope this year will bring peace and prosperity in India…Happy Republic Day!!!! Let’s come and salute our National […]

26 January Speech in English 2020

What is on 26Jan every year in India?? , Why it is celebrated??. This is celebrated honored regard worth Independence.After Independence .There is need to construct some rules and regulations to regard Indian citizens. This day is regarded as Republic day. On this day the formation of the Constitution of India.In which Constitutions prescribes various […]