26 January Speech in English 2020

What is on 26Jan every year in India?? , Why it is celebrated??. This is celebrated honored regard worth Independence.After Independence .There is need to construct some rules and regulations to regard Indian citizens. This day is regarded as Republic day. On this day the formation of the Constitution of India.In which Constitutions prescribes various regulations and reserves to be determined. This is considered National holiday.

On this day celebration takes place because the constitutions is formed which regard with nationality and nationalism. This is for the Nationalists or country people for only to determine consistency and introduction of stability on them. This consists of rules like the right to speech , right to live , right to information etc. which regards democracy among people. 

It celebrated because it revises History of India’s formation.This is celebrated to revise our Nation list heroes who have become late for Nation list and Constitution formation.This important to celebrate because it covers our India what to be and what will be . This day develops the feeling of patriotism and responsibility related to Nation. It is not only about the celebration but to revive our past , present and future. Beyond celebration it constitutes are feeling of nationality and nationalism.

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