26 January 2020 images

                                Republic Day 2020!!!!!

Meaning: Republic is comprise of two words which is “RE”and “PUBLIC”. The Word “Re” means introduction of formal document reference to Public and “Public” means the community.The combination of it defines introduction of government formal documents with reference to their country people.

Why it is celebrated: Republic day is celebrated on honour to Formation of “Constitution of India”. Actually the Constitution of India is formed on 26Nov1949 but due to refers with references , alternatives and checking make reschedule on 26Jan every year. The Republic Day is celebrated on 26Jan every year.On that day the various rules and regulations were introduced against nation and nationality. Actually on this day we actually consider Independence against British rules. On that day we actually consider yourself as Independent or particular status of community

How it takes place: This day plays a crucial role in placing India defined-ency among the world. This day is considered as National festival. Everyone in India celebrated it by raising flag or involving national programs and or in different ways. On this day various National programs occurred in education institutions and government departments. This day is considered as National holiday because people may celebrate this festival with joy and happiness.

Where it takes: This day is celebrated in reference to our nationalist hero and constitution who plays a special role among Independence or to Our nation.This day is greatly celebrated in Delhi at Red Fort in Morning.On this Our Prime Minister hosted flags , parade performs and various national programs being taken place.This has been telecast to all over India.

Awards and recipients: After the various cultural programs , people honor is with various nations award and receipts.The people who work for the national with refers with quality life to nation.They are honor by minister or officers. It defines their humbleness and belonging to them.It also motivates other people to do so. It likes on gratitude to the presenter and receiver and others.It provide special privilege to them.

Environment: On this day the environment is different. All over nationality air moves over India in the heart of every citizen.The feeling of nationality, priority and honor occurs. The environment belongs or refers to the feeling of Nationality. It presents true spirit to do something for nation.On this day nation heroes has admired special privileges and respect develops.


It consider various advantages to celebrated it…Which we discussed in following categories:

  1. According to Students: By celebrating they get to know about nation and nationality.The programs develops the feeling “PATRIOTISM” from childhood.From that age they are concerned with feeling of belonging and nationalism.
  2. According to Public: It is a type of holiday where the nationalist performs their function in obedience to nationalist job.They commence their reliability and responsibility towards nation and nationalism. It is also divided into categories:
  • According to Youth: It increases the blood of nationalism among the generation.It develops the feeling to do something. Which motivates them for the prefer the effective and efficient outcomes to do so.
  • According to old: It guides to follow what to do or assuring the way. They advice they consequences abilities. They are recovering the memories of what they have done and now what will.They guide the other generations mainly by considering their activities.

     3. According to Organizations: The organization consider their accessibility towards the society. If preferred them what has been reaction and if not then, how to develop.They are preferred, they are involved help to nation or themselves both.

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